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Image/LikenessProduct DescriptionScaleMSRPDepot $DCC / Sound
Athearn 26348 F59PHI Northstar 501HO$124.98$99.98
Athearn 77997 AC4400CW UndecHO$119.98$95.98
Athearn Genesis 65348 GP38-2 P1 CNW 4631HO$169.98$135.98
Athearn Genesis 69227 SD70M EMDX 7019HO$199.98$159.98
Athearn Roundhouse 14862 GP50 C&NW 5051HO$99.98$79.98
Athearn Roundhouse 14863 GP50 C&NW 5075HO$99.98$79.98
Athearn Roundhouse 14886 GP50 C&NW 5099HO$99.98$79.98
Atlas 10000661 GP40-2 BN 3058HO$159.95$127.96
Atlas 10001010 MP15DC JPBX 504HO$159.95$127.96
Atlas 10002584 GP40-2 UP 9986HO$159.95$127.96
Atlas 10002391 GP40 BN 3522HO$169.99$135.99
Bachmann 60607 70 Ton Yellow DCCHO$115.00$92.00
Bachmann 60608 70 Ton Green DCCHO$115.00$92.00
Bachmann 60913 SD40-2 ATSF 5020HO$135.00$108.00
Bachmann 61119 GP38-2 CSX 2511 DCCHO$135.00$108.00
Bachmann 63806 F7B Western MarylandHO$99.00$79.20Depot Special 30% Discount $69.30
Bachmann 81424 Gas Electric w/trailer Coach DCC Maryland & Pennsylvania 62HO$224.95$179.95
Bachmann 85201 45T C-CAB DCCHO$169.00$135.20McLean Depot Train Shop
Bachmann 85202 45T C-CAB DCCHO$150.00$120.00
Con-Cor 4150 RGS Tourist Painted/UnletteredHOn3$249.98$199.98
Kato 37-1741 SD45 CNW 6544HO$134.98$107.98 Depot Special 30% Discount $94.49
Kato 37-6605 SD40-2 BN 8023HO$185.00$148.00
Kato 37-6633 C44-9W UP 9660HO$195.00$156.00
Rivarossi HR2538 GE U25C P3b ACL 3016HO$219.00$175.20Depot Special 30% Discount $153.30
Walthers 910-9556 D8-40B SSW 8086HO$129.98$103.98
Atlas 40000474 GE D8-40B BCR 3906N$129.95$103.96
Atlas 40000665 GE U23B PRL 2206N$119.95$95.96
Atlas 40001954 GP40-2 ONR 2202 /DCCN$154.95$123.96
Atlas 40009391 SD50 KCS 706N$124.95$99.96
Kato 176-6122 MP36PH Metra 426N$120.00$96.00
Kato 176-9101 F40PH Metra 137N$120.00$96.00
Walthers 929-50308 GP38-2 CSX 2643N$135.98$108.78
Bachmann 29161 Rail Truck MW QuarryOn30$175.00$140.00


Image/LikenessProduct DescriptionScaleMSRPDepot $DCC / Sound
BAC 51607 CB&Q 233 (w/Smoke)HO159.00127.20McLean Depot Train Shop


All models have been test run, are in near new condition, include original packaging, instructions and diagrams unless otherwise noted.

Image/LikenessProduct DescriptionScale/GaugeMSRPDepot $DCC / Sound

DCC and Sound can be easily installed into just about all these locomotives

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