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What's New ?


** New Product Announcements **


Refer Madness?
Blackstone Refers are in stock! Second run arrived Friday, August 30. Get them before they're gone or wait forever more. 6 Numbers - 4 Flying Grande and 2 Moffat Tunnel scheme.

Oh, those pesky tariffs!
Appearently toys, which includes model trains, have been put on a list of exempt items for now and as such will not for the forseeable future be subject to any tariffs. So, politics aside, the trade skirmishes with China have so far left the Model Railroad hobby community unscathed. This announcement, made Monday August 12, will have pricing revert to normal previously published prices. Manufacturers had begun announcing their intentions to pass along the tariff costs to the consumer. We will see if all manufacurers announcing the price increase will revert or if they will use the previous announcement to hide price increases.  
Stay tuned - this directly affects you.
McLean Depot will continue to offer up to 20% off retail price as before.

The ONLY way to guarantee getting a new product when announced is by placing a Reservation or Pre-Ordering. Recently, I have had to tell some customers that the items they are looking for have sold out, sometimes long before the items even went to production. If you are unsure about reserving, REMEMBER - it costs you nothing, even if you later decide you don't want it afterall. But will save you the time and aggrevation searching for it and, if found, a premium, jacked up price!

Long awaited shipments have the shelves bulging with new models from Athearn, Atlas and Walthers. Intermodal, Flats, Box, Tank and other types that had been on pre-order for the last 12-18 months started rolling in and as in the note above, rolling out. The yard master is running out of track and has been getting creative in making space for the new models


Where we are:

McLean Depot is located 15 miles southwest of Bloomington/Normal at Interstate 55 exit 145.  We are on historic US Route 66 across from Dixie Truckers Home.

266 E Dixie Road
McLean IL 61754

  Come see the NEW shop in the OLD depot. 


Phone: 309-244-5900  


McLean Depot is a full line model trains hobby shop.

DCC - Digital Command Control Specialist
DCC systems, assessories and installation services at very competitive prices. Largest selection of NCE, Soundtraxx, TCS and ESU Loksound decoders in central Illinois in stock and ready for installation.

McLean Depot discounts up to 20% off List Price most items in stock or special ordered. We want to make it worth your time to visit our shop.


In Stock and Signed by the Authors

The Soo Line in Minnesota

by John C. Luecke and Paul R. Spyhalski
PRICE - $65.00

More in stock books by Luecke and Spyhalski

cover picture
cover picture cover picture
cover picture cover picture cover picture

Find new, used, rare, and out-of-print books at

comoshop link


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McLean-IL Website
McLean Village website has community calendar, news, and information.


Upcoming Events

Sep 21-22
Decatur Train Fair
Decatur IL

Oct 12-13
Free-Mo Cornfield Meet
McLean IL

If you would like to see what Free-Mo is about, stop by the Park District Gym (old school on west side of town) Sat 10-4 or Sun 10-2.

Oct 26
Central Illinois Train Xchange
Morton IL

Nov 9-10
Milwaukee WI

Depot will be Closed Fri/Sat

Nov 11
Veterans Day

(Depot Closed)

Nov 17
Peoria Train Fair
IL Central College
E Peoria IL

Post your event here. Contact me with details.