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McLean Depot
Train Shop
Mon - Fri 10 - 6
Saturday 10 - 5
309 - 244 - 5900

What's New ?


** New Product Announcements **


McLean Depot is and has been open for business.

McLean Depot continues to provide the same essential support for our customers overall health and well being by making hobby supplies available; as an alternative to the mindless dribble of daytime (and evening) television which political leaders seemed to think would protect citizens from the pandemic; to help manage individual stress under these trying times of suppression of political and personal freedoms.

The World Health Organization, CDC and various psychiatric journals have all published studies tying hobbies to good health through relief of stress and depression which in turn allows the body to better fight disease.
McLean Depot has the tools and hardware; lumber and building supplies; landscaping material; appliances and accessories; electronic gadgets and parts; repair and installation services; as well as prefab structures for assembly (kits); RTR rail-cars and locomotives; Gift items; hardcover and softcover books; periodicals and magazines; and last and probably least, expert(?) advice to put it all together.
Just as ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and other BIG companies that were deemed essential (aside their generous annual contributions to political parties, PACS, and lobbyists), McLean Depot met all, but the last, requirements to remain open and did so to serve our most valuable customers.


There is still a flow of new products coming in from most all manufacturers. Some announced product dates have slipped (nothing new there), but enough are arriving weekly you probably wouldn't know something else was going on.


Where we are:

McLean Depot is located 15 miles southwest of Bloomington/Normal at Interstate 55 exit 145.  We are on historic US Route 66 across from Dixie Truckers Home.

266 E Dixie Road
McLean IL 61754

  Come see the NEW shop in the OLD depot. 


Phone: 309-244-5900  


McLean Depot is a full line model trains hobby shop.

DCC - Digital Command Control Specialist
DCC systems, assessories and installation services at very competitive prices. Largest selection of NCE, Soundtraxx, TCS and ESU Loksound decoders in central Illinois in stock and ready for installation.

McLean Depot discounts up to 20% off List Price most items in stock or special ordered. We want to make it worth your time to visit our shop.


In Stock and Signed by the Authors

The Soo Line in Minnesota

by John C. Luecke and Paul R. Spyhalski
PRICE - $65.00

More in stock books by Luecke and Spyhalski

cover picture
cover picture cover picture
cover picture cover picture cover picture

Find new, used, rare, and out-of-print books at

comoshop link


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McLean-IL Website
McLean Village website has community calendar, news, and information.


Upcoming Events

Jul 4
Independence Day

(Depot Closed)

Aug 22
Route 66 - 6.6k Fun Run

McLean Depot is usually a Primary Sponsor

Oct 2-4 ??
Free-Mo Cornfield Meet
McLean IL

If you would like to see what Free-Mo is about, stop by the Park District Gym (old school on west side of town) Sat 10-4 or Sun 10-2.

Post your event here. Contact me with details.